April 27, 2022   |   In the Media
Medium: 5 Steps to Build Resilience and Emerge Stronger

Unexpectedly, trauma happens. It is defined as both a deeply distressing or disturbing event, or physical injury. Currently, we are in the second month of COVID-19 “stay-at- home-order,” in the United States. As a nation, as a world, we are traumatized by this pandemic, the loss of loved ones, colleagues, jobs, and the loss of our old familiar way of living. We have no road maps for how to cope with this level of global trauma as individuals, communities, nations or our planet. We find our way as we go, sometimes through resistance, or perhaps strength and grace. Either way, we are given the opportunity to grow and build resilience — the capacity to recover quickly from sudden difficulty or trauma.

As an Integrative Medicine physician who helps patients restore health and wellness, I offer you 5 steps to build your resilience, and emerge stronger from the COVID pandemic.

Read the full article at the link below.

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