March 14, 2022   |   In the Media
Dr. Gayle Myers at The Wellness & Wellbeing Summit Spring 2022

Join Dr. Gayle Myers for an enlightening session on Intuitive Wisdom Meditation Tools for Stress Reduction and Increased Wellbeing. During the session, she will share four simple meditation tools that can be applied anytime, anywhere. These tools will help you stay centered and present, decrease stress, restore a positive outlook, reset the moment and day, and rewire your mindset for resilience. Dr. Myers will share creative visualization meditation tools that she used to heal her own trauma and PTSD after surviving a head-on-collision and near-death experience in 2011. While today she is an advanced meditator, during the early months after the traumatic event these four meditation tools became the foundation for her five-year healing journey. Visualization meditation or visual imagery involves all your senses and activates neural pathways, the same as if you are actually experiencing the event. 90% of Olympic athletes use visualization techniques to mentally rehearse positive performance, boost confidence, and increase successful outcomes. It is a powerful technique that can be used to improve outlook, emotional well-being, and support a positive mindset. Stress especially sustained stress, floods the body with the stress hormone, cortisol. In situations that you find emotionally overwhelming, your brain redirects activity from your problem-solving prefrontal cortex to the amygdala in the temporal lobes. When you make decisions from that part of your brain, also known as the Amygdala hijack, you lose the ability to make rational decisions in the present time. All stress memories hold mental, emotional, and energetic patterns. Anytime we encounter a similar situation, we continue to repeat our engrained stress reactions keeping us in the same brain pathways and emotional responses. We can de-energize the stress memory or mental image pictures by using simple intuitive visualization tools. These tools help us to reset and ultimately let go of the negative energy attached to the memory and replace it with positive qualities of energy instead. As you increase positive patterns and pathways in the brain or neuroplasticity, you rewire your brain to function with the intention of wellness, not from stress memories. Having a positive mindset increases resilience, or the ability to respond to stressful situations with creative solutions. You can bounce back stronger, more confident, and more capable. You are invited to engage in an interactive mediation with Dr. Gayle Myers that you can use daily to support your wellness and increase your well-being.

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