March 16, 2020   |   Coronavirus

These are currently stressful times, even more so with the Coronavirus pandemic. Humans are extremely resilient. Our bodies have an innate intelligence called the immune system that defends us against infections. A healthy immune system recognizes what is foreign, killing viruses, bacteria, fungi and eliminating toxins. Stress, fatigue, and fear lower......

December 12, 2018   |   Lifestyle
Three easy ways to improve your health and wellbeing

Recently I had the privilege of seeing eighty- and ninety-year-old patients seeking Integrative Medicine advice to support their healthy lifestyles. These role models all had several things in common: an active lifestyle, consistent sleep habits, adequate hydration and a supportive social life.  They also ate healthfully and maintained a healthy......

September 17, 2018   |   Lifestyle
Benefits of a Positive Attitude: Heal your Mind and Body

As a physician who treats patients in acute and chronic pain, I have had the opportunity to apply what I coach my patients: a positive attitude is powerful in healing the mind and body. In January of 2011, I was involved in a head-on collision which, I gratefully survived, and did......

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