July 10, 2022   |   In the Media
Thrive Global: The Wealth of Health

Inner wisdom guides us toward a state of well-being. We think of wealth in terms of money, assets, a state of being rich, or a wealth of knowledge. One of the greatest assets we often overlook is our health. We don’t usually think about it until we’re depleted. Health is......

July 10, 2022   |   In the Media
Totally Well Podcast with Dr. Gayle Myers

Listen to the interview with Joyce Strong at the link below....

July 10, 2022   |   In the Media
Rock Bottom Syndicate Interview

Listen to the interview with Joyce Strong at the link below....

April 27, 2022   |   In the Media
Medium: 5 Steps to Build Resilience and Emerge Stronger

Unexpectedly, trauma happens. It is defined as both a deeply distressing or disturbing event, or physical injury. Currently, we are in the second month of COVID-19 “stay-at- home-order,” in the United States. As a nation, as a world, we are traumatized by this pandemic, the loss of loved ones, colleagues,......

March 14, 2022   |   In the Media
Dr. Gayle Myers at The Wellness & Wellbeing Summit Spring 2022

Join Dr. Gayle Myers for an enlightening session on Intuitive Wisdom Meditation Tools for Stress Reduction and Increased Wellbeing. During the session, she will share four simple meditation tools that can be applied anytime, anywhere. These tools will help you stay centered and present, decrease stress, restore a positive outlook,......

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